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Ford Mustang Aluminum Champion Radiators (64-66)

Most owners of classic Mustangs strive to keep their vehicle looking and performing their best while also sticking as close to possible to their original look. However, in some cases, there are better options available today that make it more practical to update your vehicle’s look and performance. The aluminum Mustang radiator from Champion is the perfect example with its 100% aluminum construction, welded seams and brazed core technology. We use only the finest aluminums to make our Ford Mustang radiators so that you get the best cooling system available and one that performs much better than the original brass models.
There are other companies that offer an aluminum Mustang radiator for your 64 to 66 Mustang but we offer a superior product at a lower cost than those from the manufacturers. In addition, we provide additional options for popular add-ons and give you guidelines to help you with your purchase and installation.   We are focused on creating radiators that will provide you with a comparable, if not better, fit than you would get from a radiator that came from the manufacturer.
The last thing you want from your classic Mustang is to have overheating problems. In addition to better dissipation of heat that comes from aluminum radiators, the construction methods of all Champion aluminum radiators makes it less likely to have leaks and they provide a better cooling system than other radiators that cost much more. Getting the best value for your dollar is always a benefit to purchasing any parts for your car. Our superior Mustang aluminum radiators and low prices mean that you always get the best possible value from us!