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Champion Cooling Fabrication Pricing

Item # Description (Minimum Charge $80) Price
1 Inlet or Outlet Sizing Change $80
2 Inlet and Outlet Sizing Change $100
3 Add "Inlet" or "Outlet" or "Port or "Bung" $80
4 Add "Fill Neck" $80
5 Add Clocked or Angled Fitting (call for details) $90
6 Notch tank for steering box $105
7 Patch and move "Inlet" or "Outlet" $90
8 Replate and move "Inlet" or "Outlet" (entire face of tank is replaced) $100
9 Patch and move "Fill Neck" $100
10 Replate and move "Fill Neck" either 90 degree or standard neck (entire face of tank is replaced) $115
11 Replate tank and move "Inlet" or "Outlet" and polish one tank $150
12 Flathead setup (symmetrical to existing outlets) $100
13 Flathead setup (custom spacing and sizing)** $160
14 Bracket Relocation $95
15 Custom Bracketing (Actual quote will be needed) $95 min
16 Create dual pass cross-flow with all needed fittings (outlets, steam port) $225

**Actual price may vary upon complications and excessive material costs

Anything not listed above will require further pricing from the Fabrication Dept. Modification may take approximately 7-12 business days depending on the mods being made and the volume of mods being done at a time.

Modifications are NOT covered by our Lifetime Warranty, but they do not affect the warranty of the radiator itself. If multiple above items are needed we will discount the total based on actual shop time expected.

Note: Any modified radiator being replaced under our Leak-Free lifetime warranty would need the modifications paid for on the replacement radiator, the radiator itself would still be covered.

Please call 714-974-1650 to have a radiator modified.