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Champion Cooling Fabrication Pricing

Item # Description (Minimum Charge $80) Price
1 Inlet or Outlet Sizing Change $80
2 Inlet and Outlet Sizing Change $100
3 Add "Inlet" or "Outlet" or "Port or "Bung" $80
4 Add "Fill Neck" $80
5 Add Clocked or Angled Fitting (call for details) $90
6 Notch tank for steering box $105
7 Patch and move "Inlet" or "Outlet" $90
8 Replate and move "Inlet" or "Outlet" (entire face of tank is replaced) $100
9 Patch and move "Fill Neck" $100
10 Replate and move "Fill Neck" either 90 degree or standard neck (entire face of tank is replaced) $115
11 Replate tank and move "Inlet" or "Outlet" and polish one tank $150
12 Flathead setup (symmetrical to existing outlets) $100
13 Flathead setup (custom spacing and sizing)** $160
14 Bracket Relocation $95
15 Custom Bracketing (Actual quote will be needed) $95 min
16 Create dual pass cross-flow with all needed fittings (outlets, steam port) $225

**Actual price may vary upon complications and excessive material costs

Anything not listed above will require further pricing from the Fabrication Dept. Custom aluminum radiator fabrication services may take approximately 7-12 business days depending on the mods being made and the volume of mods being done at a time.

Modifications are NOT covered by our Lifetime Warranty, but they do not affect the warranty of the custom-built radiator itself. If multiple above items are needed we will discount the total based on actual shop time expected.

Note: Any custom-made radiator being replaced under our Leak-Free lifetime warranty would need the modifications paid for on the replacement radiator, the radiator itself would still be covered.

Please call 714-974-1650 to have a radiator modified.