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"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "

Well I just wanted to let you know after buying the aluminum radiator, that was supposed to fit in a Mustang, actually fit real nicely with a little modification to the front clip. My DJ5 Jeep that's had a couple more problems I fix them the water pump went out and I just want to put this compliment after buying that antifreeze filter from you guys I have had no more radiator problems! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Works very, very well!

And I'll tell you what, I've already had to pull the filter off and clean it three times since I put it on but the last time just the bottom Edge is starting to collect a little it's not plugging as fast it has let me get the loose crud out of the motor, thank you! I'm thinking about buying another one and put it in the Shelf a parts just in case I need it. When I get the money together, I will again. Thank you.

-Carri R. | California, USA

"My problem was resolved without hassle or hesitation."

"Recently, I made a few purchases from your establishment. When the first product arrived at my doorstep, I was shocked to see Biblical Scripture on the exterior of your packaging. My response to this is simple; I applaud your conviction regarding your reverence to God. Before I even seen the scripture on the exterior of your boxes, I was taken in by your impeccable customer relations department. I concede that I had an issue with my initial purchase. However, the issue I had was totally my fault. This didn't matter to your crew. My problem was resolved without hassle or hesitation. This effort by your customer service team in conjunction with your desire to share the word of God has won you a loyal customer for life.

In Short, I commend you for your reverence for God. This country needs the type of faith you exude. By placing the Gospel message upon your boxes, you are certainly planting a seed within the minds of those who may have otherwise never heard of or read those words of hope. It's my belief that people like you taking advantage of your extended reach upon the minds of many.By using your business as a tool for God, I whole-heartedly believe that you possess the unique God given ability to restore the original moral fabric this Country was born with, has lost, and so desperately needs to require. In our day and age, it takes guts to foreword your message! Thank you for your fervor for God and your unparalleled dedication to serving your customers! Remember this: God pays well to those who serve!"

-Glen B. | New Hampshire, USA
1950 Ford Coupe 1950 Ford Coupe

...really went a long way towards turning my daily driver into real show piece.

Just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks for the wonderful product you supplied. The champion radiator I ordered for my 1950 Ford Coupe arrived in a timely fashion and was quickly installed. The highly polished aluminum finish really went a long way towards turning my daily driver into real show piece. The only installation change I made was the addition of a shim so as to add a little more fan clearance, (though not necessary).

Anyway, thanks again. 5 stars to you and your staff!

- Scot D. | Texas, USA

"...installed in less than an hour"

"After rebuilding my 302 and making it a HOTT EFI 306 with many add-ons, my stock radiator could not keep it cool (see before pic). Everyone I talked to suggested getting a 3-Row Aluminum Radiator and told me to expect to pay upwards of $500. I researched and found the best value and a perfect fit Champion Cooling 3-Row Aluminum Radiator for under $300. The installation was painless, all the inlets and outlets matched perfectly including the transmission cooler lines. My uncle and I installed it in less than an hour, now he went and bought a Champion for his 54 Chevy truck."

-Adam R. | Idaho, USA

"I was impressed with the quality..."

"I purchased one of your radiators. I was impressed with the quality of the workmanship. It arrived in a very sturdy package with no damage."

-Dave D. | Michigan, USA

"...As Cool as a Cucumber"

"I want to take a little time to tell you thanks for your speedy service and quality parts. The radiator I ordered from you was a bolt -in , better than factory fit. It also looks really good with the other accessories. In the 1970 Maverick it's the first thing that catches your eye. Ok, enough with the bling thing, this thing keeps my 700+hp Windsor based stroker as cool as a cucumber. Thanks for taking care of me and my coolness!"

-Bud L. | Florida, USA

"Stays Cool and Looks Clean!"

"Thanks Ledfoot Racing! The radiator installed quickly and easily. The radiator fit all the stock mounts, and bolted in exactly like the original. Stays cool and looks clean!"

-Chris D. | Ohio, USA

" Fit PERFECT and is a 1,000% improvement..."

I Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your assistance with the radiator for my daughter's 1963 Ford Falcon! Fit PERFECT and is a 1,000% improvement over the original brass radiator. Build quality is better than expected! All fittings lined up perfect! Could not be more pleased and impressed with your product and customer service. Thanks very much again for the expert service and fast shipping! Much appreciated

- Evan B. | California, USA