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714-974-1650 is owned and operated by Ledfoot Racing, an authorized distributor for Champion Cooling Systems and American Eagle Radiators.


To find the radiator appropriate to your vehicle search for it using the navigation under Products/Champion Radiators. Once you find your SKU, use the below chart to match your SKU.

Discounted radiators are all new with various cosmetic issues. They are sold as is on a "first come, first serve" basis, with a 30-day leak free warranty. Photos are available upon request.

Please call in your order or to make an offer (714) 974-1650 and mention that you would like an item from the "Scratch and Dent" Section. Please Note that "scratched" radiators are perfect for polishing (add $70).

SKU Description Price
ae369 ding in tubes $170.00
ae379 ding in tubes $170.00
ae379 repaired fins $170.00
ae478 repaired minor fin damage $160.00
ae478 fixed inlet & outlet $150.00
ae4954 scratched/fin damage $160.00
ae5057 2 dinged tubes  $120.00
ae583 bent fins $130.00
ae833 one tank has 4 dents $140.00
cc1007 fin damage from being mounted $170.00
cc1165 dented tank $180.00
cc1213 fixed brackets $170.00
cc1215 scratched $180.00
cc1640 minor fin damage $180.00
cc1680 dented tube $150.00
cc180 pushed in on drivers side (Repaired) $150.00
cc1165 Ding in tubes $190.00
cc1919 scratched tank, minor bent fins $180.00
cc2139 fin damage $180.00
cc2374 fin damage/scratched tank $180.00
cc2374B used $180.00
cc337B blemish $180.00
cc339 fin damage $160.00
cc339 minor scratches/ minor fin damage $180.00
cc339 minor tube damage $190.00
cc339M bent fins $190.00
cc340B scuffed tanks $190.00
cc345 bolt hole marks $190.00
cc345 minor fin damage $190.00
cc369 NO warrenty,6-dented tubes $80.00
cc370 2 dented tubes, pressure tested $140.00
cc381 minor bent fins $250.00
cc4001FH fixed pushed in brackets $170.00
cc4252FD fixed fins $160.00
cc4252FH minor fin damage $180.00
cc435 minor fin damage $190.00
cc46fd minor scratched tank $190.00
cc478 scratched $190.00
cc478 repaired outlets $190.00
cc49CH Repaired pushed in side bracket $170.00
cc49FD Includes 16" Fan Pre-Mounted (fine otherwise) $210.00
cc4952 minor fin damage $190.00
cc4954 scratched $190.00
cc4954 repaired brackets/ polished radiator (Free polish) 200
cc49ch bent in fill neck $160.00
cc503 minor fin damage/scratched $190.00
cc5056 minor fin/tube damage $170.00
cc5057 scratched tank $200.00
cc5100 Fin damage $160.00
cc5356 dented top tank $170.00
cc5356 repaired fin damage $190.00
cc5559 bent fins $180.00
cc5559 Fixed Brackets & Fill neck dented in $160.00
cc583 X3 fixed brackets, bent fins $150.00
cc583 fixed fins $190.00
CC6065LP Dented Tubes $105.00
cc634 repaired brackets and fins $170.00
cc716DP dented tubes $150.00
cc718 Dented Tube $170.00
cc8101 Dented Tubes $165.00
cc8559 very minor fin damage $190.00
ec1007 fin damage $150.00
ec251 minor fin damage/tank imprint. $140.00
ec255 dent in tank $130.00
ec259 repaired bracket $140.00
ec281 small ding in tube $170.00
ec478 bent, scratched $140.00
ec716 bent fins $150.00
mc1009 holes drilled in brackets $200.00
mc1919 fin damage/dent next to bracket $220.00
mc2375 bent brackets (repaired) $240.00
mc2375 watermarks,used bracket holes $220.00
mc259 dented bottom tank $230.00
mc281 fixed bent brackets $220.00
mc281 Polished ($70 value) /small dent in bottom tank $250.00
mc289 dinged tube $240.00
mc338 repaired brackets $255.00
mc340 bent fins $250.00
mc374 4 scratches/4 holes drilled in side brackets $220.00
mc375 scratched/dented tank $190.00
mc375 repared bracket $180.00
mc375 Dented tank, repaired brackets $180.00
mc375 Dented tank, repaired brackets $180.00
mc375 Pitted top tank $200.00
mc379 dented tube $220.00
mc478 one dented tube $220.00
mc5057 ding tube $200.00
mc521 bent fins/fixed $220.00
mc526 crushed tubes $230.00
mc526 fin damage $240.00
mc583 dented, minor fin damage $240.00
mc718 lower part of rad bent into core (repaired) $240.00
mc718 twisted core/bent pass. Tube and tank $120.00
Most have minor scratches or pre-drilled                holes for fans                                            Quantity Price
161FS14 1 $55.00
162FS16 (Like new condition)                                             1 $55.00
2101FS16 2 $55.00
2284FS16 1 $55.00
2374FS10 3 $55.00
2375FS16 1 $55.00
478FS12 2 $55.00
2375FS16 Includes free 16" fan already mounted                  1 $110.00
2101FS16  Includes SPAL 0400 pre mounted                       1 $180.00

SPAL16-1516  pigtail cut off, needs to be hard wired   (save $30)  2   $60.00

Dented tank, repaired brackets

ding in tubes