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To find the affordable radiator appropriate to your vehicle search for it using the navigation under Products/Champion Radiators. Once you find your SKU, use the below chart to match your SKU.

Discount radiators are all new with various cosmetic issues. They are sold as is on a "first come, first serve" basis, with a 30-day leak free warranty. Photos are available upon request.

Please call in your order or to make an offer (714) 974-1650 and mention that you would like an item from the "Scratch and Dent" Section. Please Note that "scratched" radiators are perfect for polishing (add $70). Or email us an inquiry at myradiatorhelp@yahoo.com we would be happy to respond with pictures and a quote for a dented radiator.

SKU Description Price
ae1165 Repaired Bracket   $175.00
ae259 Small ding in tube   $165.00
ae289 2 damaged tubes $130.00
ae369 Ding in tubes $170.00
ae379 Repaired fins $170.00
ae478 Repaired minor fin damage $160.00
ae478 Fixed inlet & outlet $150.00
ae5057 2 dinged tubes  $120.00
ae583 Bent fins $130.00
ae716 dented tubes $130.00
ae833 One tank has 4 dents $140.00
cc1007 Fin damage from being mounted $170.00
cc1165 Ding in tubes $190.00
cc1215 Scratched $180.00
cc1488 Small ding in tube $180.00
cc1640 Minor fin damage $180.00
cc1680 Dented tube $165.00
cc1696 Damaged Tubes $165.00
cc180 Pushed in on drivers side (Repaired) $150.00
cc1826dp Major Fin Damage $225.00
cc2139 Fin damage $180.00
cc339 Fin damage $160.00
cc339 Minor scratches/ minor fin damage $180.00
cc339 Minor tube damage $190.00
cc339M Bent fins $190.00
cc370B 2 Dented Tubes   $50.00
cc379 Dented Tube $175.00
cc381 Minor bent fins $250.00
cc4041 Repaired Minor fin damage/ holes drilled in Bracket $170.00
cc407 Major Fin Damage $175.00
cc4252ch Dented Tubes (Quarter Size) $130.00
cc4252FD Fixed fins $160.00
cc4252FH Minor fin damage $180.00
cc478 Scratched $190.00
cc478 Repaired outlets $190.00
cc480 Dinged tubes $195.00
cc49FD Includes 16" Fan Pre-Mounted (fine otherwise) $210.00
cc4952 Minor fin damage $190.00
cc4964 Scratched Tank $175.00
cc49ch Bent in fill neck $160.00
cc522 Minor Tube Damage $165.00
cc5056 Minor fin/tube damage $170.00
cc5057 Scratched tank $195.00
cc5356 Ding in Tubes $100.00
cc5356 4 Damaged Tubes $115.00
cc5559 Minor Bent fins $180.00
cc5559 Fixed Brackets & Fill neck dented in $160.00
cc5559 Dinged tubes $165.00
cc5760FD Pushed in bracket   $165.00
cc58 Fin Damage $170.00
cc583 X3 Fixed brackets, bent fins $150.00
CC622 Damaged Tubes $135.00
CC622 Small ding in tube and minor fin damage $190.00
cc634 Repaired brackets and fins $170.00
cc716-m Dented Tubes $170.00
cc718 Dented Tube $170.00
cc8559 Very minor fin damage $190.00
ec162 Dented Tubes $140.00
ec255 Dent in tank $130.00
ec281 Small ding in tube $140.00
ec478 Bent, scratched $140.00
ec716 Bent fins $150.00
mc1009 Holes drilled in brackets $240.00
mc2375 Bent brackets (repaired) $240.00
mc281 Fixed bent brackets $220.00
mc289 Dinged tube $240.00
mc338 Repaired brackets $255.00
mc374 4 scratches/4 holes drilled in side brackets $220.00
mc375 Scratched/dented tank $190.00
mc375 Minor fin damage $255.00
mc478 One dented tube $220.00
mc526 Crushed tubes $230.00
mc526 Fin damage $240.00
mc571 Ding In Tubes $240.00
mc583 Dented, minor fin damage $240.00
mc716 Bend on Lower Hat Lip $240.00
mc718 Twisted core/bent pass. Tube and tank $120.00
Most have minor scratches or pre-drilled                holes for fans                                            Quantity Price
281FS16 3 $55.00
289FS16 1 $55.00
370FS11 1 $55.00
478FS11 1 $55.00
573FS16 1 $55.00
583FS16 4 $55.00
951FS12 1 $55.00
2101FS16 2 $55.00
2284FS16 1 $55.00
2375FS16 2 $55.00
289FS16 Includes free 16"fan already mounted                 1  $110.00
339FS16  Mounted Fan $180.00
370FS11 Mounted Fans $180.00
716FS14 14" Fans Mounted $180.00
2101FS16  SPAL 0400 already mounted                               1 $180.00

SPAL16-0400  Cut pigtail                                                                      $85.00
SPAL-1516 Cut Pigtail                                                                           $85.00
SPAL16-1516  Pigtail damage                                       (save $30)       $70.00
SPAL16-1516 Scratched Motor                                                            $70.00
SPAL16-2049 Cut Pigtail                                                                      $135.00
SPAL 12 -1522 x2 Pre mounted work great                                          $155.00
SPAL 11 - 1500 x2 Cut wires                                                                $75 ea.
16" Fan            Cut Pig Tail/ Need to Hard Wire                                   $35.00

Dented tank, repaired brackets

ding in tubes