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To find the radiator appropriate to your vehicle, please search for it using our product search . Once you find your SKU, use the below chart to match your SKU.

Our discount radiators are all new with various cosmetic issues. They are sold as is on a "first come, first serve" basis, with a 30-day leak free warranty. Photos are also available upon request.

Please call in your order (714) 974-1650 and mention that you would like an item from the "Scratched / Dented" Section. Please Note that although they may be scratched, they make a perfect candidate for polishing (for an additional $70). We are happy to reply with pictures and a quote for a dented radiator to your email as well.

Discounted Radiators

SKU Description Price
AE161 ding in tube $160.00
AE4001FD Bent Fins $155.00
AE478 Repaired minor fin damage $160.00
AE5057 Dinged Tubes $120.00
AE716 dented tubes $130.00
CC1007 Fin damage from being mounted $170.00
CC1635LP Old Stock $190.00
CC1696 Dented Tubes $205.00
CC1826DP Major Fin Damage $225.00
CC2139 Fin Damage $175.00
CC339M Bent fins $190.00
CC345 Minor Fin Damage $185.00
CC374B Ding in Tube $170.00
CC379 Ding in Tubes $175.00
CC379 Dent in Tubes (2) $175.00
CC381 Minor bent fins $185.00
CC407 Fin Damage $165.00
CC4252FD Repaired Brackets $180.00
CC478 Repaired Outlet $175.00
CC5356 Damaged Tubes $100.00
CC5356 3 Damaged Tubes $165.00
CC5356 4 Damaged Tubes $115.00
CC5559 Dinged tubes $165.00
CC5760 Damaged Fins $190.00
CC622 Bent Brackets $175.00
CC634 Repaired brackets and fins $170.00
CC8559 Very minor fin damage $190.00
CC951DP Tube/fin damage $155.00
EC1007 Damaged Tubes $165.00
EC255 Dent in tank $130.00
MC1009 Holes drilled in brackets $240.00
MC2375 Bent brackets (repaired) $240.00
MC281 Repaired Bent Brackets $230.00
MC289 Holes Drilled $175.00
MC338 Repaired Brackets $195.00
MC374 Repaired Bracket $235.00
MC385 Minor Fin Damage $235.00
MC4252FD Repaired outlet and bracket $235.00
MC526 Dented Tubes $220.00
MC526 Fin Damage $230.00
MC718 Twisted core/bent pass. Tube and tank $120.00
MC718 Lower Hat Channel Pused up into core $220.00

Discounted Fans / Shrouds

Most of the below products are on this list due to minor scratches or pre-drilled holes for fans.

SKU Description Price
138FS16 $55.00
251FS16 $55.00
281FS12 $55.00
281FS16 $55.00
281FS16 $55.00
281FS16 $55.00
289FS16 $55.00
370FS11 $55.00
MC370FS11 $55.00
MC370FS16 $55.00
375FS16 Free polish | holes drilled for fan  1 $90.00
379FS16 $55.00
478FS11 $55.00
521FS16 $55.00
573FS16 $55.00
1193FS10 $55.00
1826FS12 $55.00
2374FS10 $55.00
2375FS16 $55.00
2375FS16 Mounted TSP 16" Fan $75.00
4252FS16 $55.00
716FS14 14" Fans Mounted $180.00
SPAL-1516 Cut pigtail $85
SPAL16-2049 Cut pigtail $135