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3 steps to Repair a twisted core

One of the features of aluminum is that it is more flexible than brass or copper. In the instance that your radiator gets twisted due to either rock crawling, or some other stressful event, there are 3 steps for a quick aluminum radiator repair job. A quick way to tell if your aluminum radiator needs repair is by laying it on a flat surface, if it rocks back and forth then it is warped. The corners that are not touching the ground are the ones that will require straightening. Learn how to repair a twisted radiator below.

Materials Needed: Time To Complete:
Twisted Radiator(s) 1-3 minutes
Styrofoam or some other padded material to place underneath the corners of the radiator that DO NOT rock back and forth

Step1- Twisted Core
Place the corners that touch the ground on one half of the thick foam that came in the box.
Step2- Twisted Core
With a friend, place your palms on either corner and push down at the same time. Don't apply too much pressure as you may twist the radiator back the other way. If this occurs simply reverse the radiator and repeat the step.
Step3- Twisted Core
Lay it down on a flat surface to see if it rocks. If it does, repeat the process.