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I can't find my vehicle, do you custom make radiators?

In the event that we don't have a radiator that is a direct-fit replacement for your vehicle, we do have a wide variety that might be compatible for your vehicle. Simply call us with your existing radiator core and oveall dimensions while noting the inlet (top hose) and outlet (bottom hose) locations and one of our representatives will do their best to find a compatible radiator.

Do I have to modify the radiator or are they OEM direct fit replacements?

No modifications need to be made so long as it states that it fits your vehicle, these radiators are designed and manufactured to be direct-fit replacements. Please read all notes that accompany a product listing. Many vehicles have more that one size radiator, bracket configuration or hose locations.

What's the difference between an American Eagle Radiator and Champion Cooling?

As far as the quality or construction of the radiators, there is no difference. The main difference is the inner tube size for the radiators. Whereas Champion 2-row radiators have 3/4" tubes, American Eagle radiators have 2-rows with 1" tubes which allow for a higher cooling capacity due to the larger surface area to dissipate the heat than the standard Champion 2-rows.

Where are these made?

While our radiators are manufactured in China, hence the low price point, they are designed in the U.S.A. Champion Cooling has multple dedicated factories that only produce their brand of radiator so they are not just picking products out of a catalog. All Champion radiators have the highest quality material and manufaturing process. This allows us to offer our lifetime warrantys.

Why should I place my order with Ledfoot Racing?

As the #1 distributor for Champion Cooling Systems, we have the luxury of keeping our own stock at our local warehouse on most of our products. In addition to this we've been selling radiator for the past 11 years and plan on many more. A lot of other distributors are private parties looking to sell their radiators on the side and as a result have poor customer service in comparison, specifically when it comes time to call to ask questions or make a warranty claim. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to finding you an appropriate radiator and as such will be here to answer phones when you need them. We also have a price match guarantee that gives you the confidence to purchase through us.

What does a Fan Shroud and Fan do, won't my radiator be enough?

Though our radiators are manufactured to deliver exceptional cooling, in some cases fan shrouds and fans are necessary. In warmer climates and low speeds the set helps provide significantly better cooling as the fan shrouds and fans help pull focused air through to the core.

Can I use your shroud with my engine fan or belt-driven clutch fan?

Yes, you may find that your OEM set up works great. However, remember that you will be able to put the horse power it takes to turn those belt driven fans back to your rear tires when going with electric fans.

What type of coolant should I put into this Champion Radiator?

We recommend a 50/50 distilled water with antifreeze solution. Ethylene Glycol is recommended exclusively. If you're preparing your own solution it is imperative that distilled water is used as regular tap water will damage the radiator and void the Lifetime Warranty.