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Champion Cooling Systems Radiators

We are proud to offer you the latest and greatest in universal Champion cooling systems. All of the Champion radiators we carry are 100% aluminum from the tank, core, and welds, unless otherwise stated. It's also important to note that there is absolutely no epoxy involved.

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Our aluminum racing radiators also have a high density core, boasting with 25% more rows than other aluminum radiators and 35% more rows than OEM copper. The benefits don’t stop there as our high-quality aluminum Champion radiator is lighter than copper or brass radiators weighing in
at 10-20lbs.

The high performance design allows the aluminum radiator to manage 3,000 more cooling fins than OEM copper radiators, not to mention that aluminum dispels heat at a higher rate than copper or brass. Please browse our inventory in order to find the perfect universal aluminum Champion radiator for you.
    Champion aluminum radiator features:
100% Aluminum Tanks, cores, brackets and welds, absolutely no epoxy
Higher Density Core Cooling rows are spaced 3/8" apart, giving you 25% more rows than any others in our price range and 35% more rows than OEM copper
Light Weight 10-20 lbs. lighter than copper or brass radiators
High Performance Design 14-16 cooling fins per inch giving you approximately 1,500 more cooling fins than other aluminum radiators and approximately 3,000 more than OEM copper radiators. Aluminum dissipates heat more efficiently than copper or brass