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ChampionRadiators.com is owned and operated by Ledfoot Racing, an authorized distributor for Champion Cooling Systems and American Eagle Radiators.

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If you're looking for high quality Muscle car, hot rod, or classic car and truck radiators, we have the right equipment for your vehicle. Find out why Champion and American Eagle All-Aluminum radiators have become an industry standard for reliable performance.

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We are the leading authorized distributor of Champion and American Eagle All-Aluminum Radiators and cooling accessories. Ledfoot Racing's huge catalog of high-quality radiators encompasses a wide range of car models, focusing on American Made classic cars and trucks.

 Our limited lifetime warranty ensures that you can count on these products for years to come.

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Our Champion Aluminum radiator prices here at LedFoot Racing are significantly lower than the manufacturer's. If you need to contact the manufacturer you can reach them at (951) 245-9464